Assalamualaikum wr.wb
      Good morning, first of all, let us say thanks to Allah SWT, thanks to giving me opportunity to deliver my speech about Social Media, in here Im a representative of my chemistry program study 2016 class. Also thank you to audience and my friends who are present in this digital life work shop supported by American Corner UNTAN.
       Ladies and Gentlemen, do you know what is social media? Of course you know. In this modern era, social media is very popular used by a lot of people. Social media can also be accessed easily because of the technology development thats happen very quickly for a nowadays generation, for example I believe all of you must at least routinely use one social media, like facebook, bbm, whatsaap, line, twitter, instagram etc, either for communication purpose sharing content or for business purpose. Social media has important role in daily activity.
        Ladies and Gentlemen speaking about social media, this one have postive impact and…


My activities for a week from 10-17 may are all around college activities and spending my days to work on campus assignment, for example writing journal and report for practical tasks. And i also become a comittee in one of the anniversary event in my program study. Here i must be able to work on duties and responsibilities put upon me, such as finding necessary stuffs before and after the event, i also complete another assignment and manage my time well in order to work everything out. That's all my activities for a week. Thank you for visiting my blog 😃😃😃


Here i'm going to share about the business I planned in the future. I want to open a boutique, and sell many kinds of woman clothes, shoes, slippers, bags, and accessories. In this boutique, the products I sell are special for hijab fashion, fit to the latest trend and style. My boutique will be designed with floral pink or peach theme for all ornaments, to symbolize the feminine character. I planned to offer the affordable price for all the buyers, especially women, such as housewives, teens, and career woman. But of course, the price are economical but my products will have good quality. Hehe, I also calculate the money I need for initial capital, which is around 50 millions rupiah, to purchase the product stock, storefront, decor equipment, and other necessary tools I need to attract more customers. That is the story I can share about my business in the future, soon my dream will come true, and i hope everything goes well. Thanks for visiting amd reading my blog. See you at th…


Hi guys😊
In this post, I want to share you some video about international robot competition
Here the link of the video                       
Happy watching:)


Hello🙋meet me again in this blog, in this post I going to give you tutorial of How To Wear Simple Hijab Style.....

First, prepare your pashmina scraft, hijab inner, and needle pins
Second, wear hijab inner neatly next get your pashmina scraft and then put the pashmina on your head make sure the pashmina is symmetrical
Third, use the needle pin under the chin
Next, take the left side of the pashmina and pin it with the needle pin
Put it on top of your head, next do the same thing for the right side, and last make it neat.
Oke simple hijab style tutorial is finished👌
Thank you for visiting my blog... Happy trying and I hope this tutorial is useful😉 See you at the next post babay👋


Let me tell you the interview I had with my brother. My brother is Septian Anggriawan. He is 23 years old. Now, he work at costums and excise department in Bogor. He is an expert of gundam assembly. Ok, guys check out what we discuss about it.
Q: What are you passionate about? A: I'm passionate about model kits gundam well known as Gunpla. Gunpla is hobby of assembling and painting it's part Q : Why is this hobby very special to you? A: That's kind of hobby is special because hard skills and patience are required to make a perfect gunpla that you really want to be. Q: Where do you get the kits to make it? A: There are so many pieces of kit to make a gunpla into a robot whose have a name and character I usually buy them at toys store or online shop.Not only build that part into a robot but I can paint them with a few step, paint them manually by use brush or by use air compressor Q: How many tools you need to assembly gundam? A: Here's the main tools I need to assembly…


My group assigment

Group members
  Nabilla pauliya              H1031161064
  Jeny clarita                     H1031161083
  Yesi sundari                    H1031161082
  Putry parwaty                H1031161005

Reading Skills

A. Pre-reading Question
1. In what ways will robots make our lives better in the future? In what ways will they make our lives worse?
Robots will make our liver better in the future is when the robots can help us to get information easily and quickly.Robots will make our lives worse is when the robots make us forget people around us

2. What kinds of robots would you like to see?
We'd like to see robots can teach us English

B. Reading
Read the text. Highlight an interesting idea in each paragraph.

Paragraph 1 : Gates suggests that soon robots will be adopted in the home in the same way that personal computers have been.
Paragraph 2 : Computing power is now cheap and powerful enough to serve as this brain.
Paragraph 3 : But without doubt, they …